Luke Korns and Mikey Murphy Release New Compilation Album

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We had a chance to sit down with Mikey Murphy and Luke Korns to talk about their latest and greatest project! In case you didn’t already know, our favorite duo had the chance to work with Connor Franta’s music label, Heard Well, to create a compilation album titled “From The Stories We Tell”. The album is a collection of all their favorite songs. Click here to get your copy today!

Luke Horns and Mikey Murphy Release New Compilation Album: From The Stories We Tell Album

You guys are best friends! Tell us about how you met.

M: It all started when I was a part of a collab channel called “That YouTube Life” (catchy name I know) and we were in desperate need of a surprise Sunday, when we came across Luke and Chris on UncleKornicob. Without going on and on with too much detail, we ended up becoming very close, and one afternoon Luke called me and asked if he could crash in my hotel room at Playlist Live, and from then on the rest is history.

L: I remember I needed a room to stay in at a YouTube event and Mikey, being the generous son of a gun he is, offered a bed for me!


To the next adventure!! Love ya kid.

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Whose idea was it to put together this album?

M: Luke and I have a soft spot for music, especially because of how much we listen to, so when the opportunity was brought to us, we didn’t hesitate to jump.

L: It was definitely both of our ideas. I think we’ve been sort of “putting aside” songs for the past year.

Tell us about the creative process for this album.

M:I think what is interesting about this album is that the creative process was so easy. Music is filled with memories and honestly all I had to do was think back. Any story I could tell someone about Luke and I had some song attached to it. The possibilities were endless.

L: We realized that our selections closely tied into stories from our lives, in sense like our personal sound tracks. With that idea, moving forward was a lot of fun!

Where do you get your musical inspiration from? 

M: My musical inspiration comes from my own dreams. I think because ‘happiness is the chase’ I tend to like music that inspires me or brings me to a certain headspace. If I feel something while listening to a song, it becomes a favorite of mine.

L: Whatever I’m feeling. Feelings inspire what I want to listen to.

If you guys weren’t collaborating with each other, who else would you love to collaborate with?

M: Other than Luke, I love collaborating with Ricky Dillon, Meg DeAngelis, and of course Jonah Green. Other than those fantastic people, I would love to make a video with the wonderful Connor Franta at some point also!

L: Anyone who has a creative mind and likes to do things.


The friendship lasts.

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What’s your favorite song of the moment?

M: Right now at this very moment my favorite song has to be “I Got U” by Duke Dumont because of how close I am to getting to 1 million subscribers. This song is filled with the dreams of 15 year old me and memories of hitting 100,000.

L: That is so difficult to answer. I honestly don’t think I have a favorite song. But for sure the songs on our album rank high!

What’s the last concert you went to or upcoming one you’re excited about?

M: I actually just went to a Jon Bellion concert in San Francisco! I’ve been a big fan of his for almost a year and a half now so it was really cool to see him!

L: I went to a Twenty One Pilots concert a few months ago. Even though I only knew a few songs it was a boatload of fun. As far as future concerts, I’m not sure! Justin Bieber is coming to Lima, maybe I should go!

It’s almost 2017! What kinds of projects can your fans expect next year?

M: Oh so many, and they’re going to hate that all I can say is “soon”. I am writing and directing a few major projects and starring in a few films that I cannot wait to talk more about, oh and of course YouTube! It is going to be a very exciting year!

L: 2017! My year of figuring out what kind of videos I want to create!


Don’t forget to get “From The Stories We Tell” on iTunes!  Can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo has in store for us next year…

Need more of Mikey Murphy and Luke Korns? Head over to their YouTube channels!

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