Mackenzie Sol Releases Video For “Last Christmas”

You've got to see it

If you’re looking for some festive music to put on replay this holiday season, look no further. Mackenzie Sol just released the video for his cover of “Last Christmas” and it’s giving us all the holiday feels. Mackenzie even chatted with us about the video and all of his holiday faves.

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Tell us about your new music video for “Last Christmas”.

“First off, “Last Christmas” was one of my Mum and Dad’s favorite Christmas songs and I grew up singing it and have loved it ever since. And shooting the video, well, we had a blast making it…who wouldn’t [enjoy] singing in a real life size snow globe. It was awesome!”

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Mackenzie Sol Releases Video For "Last Christmas"


What’s your favorite part about Christmas?

“My favorite part about Christmas is having the family together…spending time with each other and opening gifts with people you love.”

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

“Seven Christmases ago, I thought I had opened all my presents, but when I walked into my playroom I heard a dog barking! I followed some squeaking noises, and there was a puppy! His name was Alfie, I was so excited! He’s a teacup Maltese. It was the best present ever!”

Mackenzie Sol Releases Video For "Last Christmas"


Be sure to check out Mackenzie’s official video for “Last Christmas” ft. Tia Griffin below!