The New ‘Mary Poppins’ Poster Is Here

And it's ~magical~

The New 'Mary Poppins' Poster Is Here


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Last weekend, Disney hosted its powerhouse D23 Expo, where it makes huge announcements about its upcoming slate of movies. In addition to big reveals about its future animated movies and some footage from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie, Disney also revealed some new details about Mary Poppins Returns.

Emily Blunt plays the classic nanny in the sequel, which is set several years after the original, when Michael Banks is all grown up with kids of his own, who Mary comes to help out.

The studio also shared some early footage from the film with the people who were in attendance—but hasn’t posted that footage online yet (boo!).

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Blunt talked about what it was like to take on an iconic character and how she approached the role. “I found that I watched about 15 minutes of the original and then just stopped watching it because I needed to kind of try and pay homage to what Julie did but carve out new space for myself,” she said. “No one is ever going to out-Julie Julie Andrews. She’s just unbelievable. There will never be anyone else like her.”

She also spilled that her version of Mary is closer to the version fans of the original books remember, so there’s that to look forward to, if you’re a bookworm.

“So I just had to do my version of her, and I think we were very loyal to the books. I think she is a little more sort of acerbic and odd and vain and weird in the books. And so we went that direction a little more. So it’s my version of her!” she said.

Disney might be keeping the footage under lock and key, but it did share a new moving poster for the film on Instagram—and it looks positively MAGICAL.

The movie opens in theaters December 2018—so we have a while to wait before we get to see Blunt in full Poppins glory.

Featured Image Source: EW

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