Nash Grier Released His Own Emoji App And We’re Using It In Every Convo

*Insert shirtless Nash Grier emoji here*

Emojis are totally the driving force behind every good convo. For real though, what would we do without the heart-eye emoji? Or the crying laughing emoji? Well now, we have a bunch of new emojis that could fit every convo so perfectly and it comes from one of our favorite people ever, none other than heart-throb Nash Grier. Nash Grier can do it all – from bringing out some of the most spectacular YouTube videos, to being an incredible actor, and now even releasing his very own emoji app!

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Nash’s emoji app, NashMoji, allows fans to get a better look inside this social media sensation’s life. There are emojis that show his love for animals and his passion for helping out the environment, as well as other emojis that feature his fantastic Snapchat updates. We def have to admit that Nash Grier’s Snapchat dog filter emoji is one of our faves.

Nash Grier Released His Own Emoji App And We're Using It In Every Convo; Nash Grier Snapchat Dog Filter

Source: NashMoji


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Our bae everyday, Nash Grier shared his excitement over the launch of his emoji app by saying, “I’ve been wanting to make my own emojis since they came out, but I needed something that would really change the way people in and out of my community would communicate. We worked with fans to give them something really unique, and we’ll be continuing to work on new ideas and emojis to release for the Holidays. It’s very exciting!”

If you asked us what our favorite app is, it is hands down NashMoji. Just know that whenever you text us, you’re bound to see several NashMojis popping up throughout the convo. Be sure to get NashMoji out in the Apple app store now for .99. We’ll leave you here with one of the greatest NashMojis ever – who doesn’t love a shirtless Nash Grier?!

Nash Grier Released His Own Emoji App And We're Using It In Every Convo; Nash Grier Shirtless GIF

Source: NashMoji


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