Netflix Now Has a New Rating System

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Late last week, Netflix‘s CEO of Product Innovation, Todd Yellin, announced that our favorite streaming service will be making drastic changes to its rating system.

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The 1-5 star rating system will be tossed out in favor of the new thumbs up/thumbs down option. The new system will be released in April.

Some Netflix viewers are already skeptical; however, Netflix has great reasoning behind the overhaul. After a/b testing, Netflix concluded that with the simpler thumbs up/thumbs down option, 200% more viewers cast a vote with their opinion on the content they watched. More data, more reliable information, right?

Netflix also expressed that the five-star system wasn’t accurately representing viewers’ habits. While an Oscar-winning documentary would get five stars, other lower-brow content were getting many, many more views.

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The proof is in the numbers, and we have a feeling viewers might soon side with the new rating format.

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