Niall Horan Announced the Release Date for His New Single


Niall Horan fans, your week is about to get better. The blondest and least-tattooed former (and hopefully future—come on, reunion tour) 1D member is releasing his second solo single later this week. Niall made the big announcement on Twitter, because where else would you make such an announcement in 2017?

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The track, called “Slow Hands,” will be released on May 4 (and yeah, that’s Thursday).

“I know you’ve been waiting and I’m delighted to announce my new single ‘Slow Hands’ will be out 4th May! [C]an’t wait for you all to hear it,” Niall wrote.

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We don’t know about you, but we’re blocking out pretty much all of Thursday to fangirl out to our favorite Irishman’s newest song.

Featured Image Source: Bustle