Niall Horan Bought Starbucks for a Bunch of Fans Waiting to See Him

Because he's actually the nicest

Remember when One Direction was a band (a currently-together-and-touring-and-making-new-music kind of band, that is, because they’ll *always* be a band in our hearts), and Niall Horan was totally the cute, nice one? He was always just being adorable and basically just exuding “oh you’re, like a NICE GUY” vibes?

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Well, Niall just earned his Nice One title all over again by making a sweet (literally, it involves hot chocolate) gesture for his fans. As Teen Vogue reports, Niall was in New York City this week to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when he spotted a big group of his fans waiting out in the cold for a chance to meet him.

Of course, being the uber-sweetheart that he is, Niall stopped by to chat with them. But then, when he realized how much they were freezing their Directioner butts off, he decided to take things to the next level and get them all hot chocolates from Starbucks. If that already sounds above and beyond sweet, wait until you hear the next part of the story: Niall had to try four different Starbucks before he found one that was 24-hours (and therefore still open, since it was late) so he could buy his fans their well-deserved hot chocolate.

Sadly, fans weren’t allowed to have their phones out, so there are no photos documenting this epic act of kindness, but plenty of fans tweeted about the amazing incident when they had access to their phones again.

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Our Niall love just got even stronger (which, TBH, we didn’t think was even possible).

Featured Image Source: Inquisitr