Niall Horan Says THIS Is His Favorite 1D Album

Good choice, Niall

The days of One Direction might be over (for now—here’s hoping for a reunion album and tour STAT), but Niall Horan hasn’t forgotten his roots. In a new 60-second Vevo video, Niall answered a whole slew of rapid-fire questions, including which One Direction album was his very favorite.

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The answer is (drumroll, please)…Made in the A.M.

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Yep, the band’s latest album was Niall’s favorite (so we’re glad things with the group ended on a high note for the adorable Irish singer, at least).

Niall also talked about his favorite Eagles song (“Desperado”), his best celebrity impression (X Factor announcer Peter Dickson), and more.

Watch the whole video yourself below:

Featured Image Source: LA Times