Niall Horan’s Got “Issues” in This New Cover Song

You've got 'em too

Niall Horan has spent the past few months jumping from radio station to radio station in the U.S. to promote his latest solo single “Slow Hands.” This week, he jetted across the Atlantic to the U.K. to pay a visit to the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

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The Breakfast Show has a long-standing Live Lounge segment, where artists cover popular songs but give them their own spin. For instance, the 1975 did a haunting rendition of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” a few years back.

While Niall was at Radio 1, he took the opportunity to totally wow us with his cover of Julia Michael’s “Issues” in the Live Lounge. With an acoustic guitar in hand and supported by maracas, drums, keyboard, and two more guitars, Niall gave Julia’s song a fresh, folky twist.

In a tweet, Niall stated, “So happy I had the opportunity to give this song a go.”

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niall horan issues cover gif 1

Image Source: Tumblr

His rendition of “Issues” sounded like it would fit perfectly on his debut solo album alongside “Slow Hands” and previous single “This Town.” (Yes, Niall, we’re still waiting to hear about that album release date.) You can watch the full video of his live performance here:

If this wasn’t nearly enough Niall for you, he hits the stage at the U.K.’s Capital FM Summertime Ball this weekend.

Featured Image Source: BBC