Nick Jonas Opened Up About Trying to Impress a Date, and Failing Epically


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Here’s a bit of good news if you’re feeling unlucky in love: Even Nick Jonas strikes out on dates sometimes.

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In an interview with Anna Faris on her podcast, Unqualified, the Jonas brother opened up about trying to impress a date at age 18 and failing — hard.

Jonas decided to take the older woman he was dating at the time to a new restaurant in L.A. (we’re assuming he’s talking about Delta Goodrem, who Jonas dated in 2011). Being a member of one of the biggest boy bands at the time, Jonas was caught off-guard when the doorman didn’t recognize the Jo Bro.

“I get to the door and he doesn’t recognize me, which is totally fine, happens a lot,” Jonas explained. Jonas then proceeded to give one of the alias names he usually used to make reservations, but the doorman insisted that he wasn’t on the list.

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“I was so mortified, I was trying to impress this girl that was older than me… really at like a peak moment of success at my career. And yet I have to tell the doorman, ‘Listen, I’m Nick Jonas.’

I was about to get in his face and I just pull out my ID… and was like ‘See, it’s right there,’ [I] put it back in my pocket and was like ‘we’re leaving’ and we left. We grabbed like Pink Taco or something instead.”

Jonas, now 25 years old, dubs this moment his “earliest character-building experience” that has made him more grounded despite his continued success.

“I think those moments are important though, to understand what your awareness of this thing is and how to approach it in a graceful way.”

Lesson to be learned? Always call ahead and make a reservation. Even if you’re Nick Jonas.

Dahlia Neeman
Dahlia Neeman

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