Niki DeMartino Opens Up in New Series, ‘Message to Me’

"Stop being afraid to love yourself"

The new series ‘Message to Me’ shows a side of your favorite YouTubers that you’ve never seen before. In the first episode, Niki DeMartino reflects on her past and opens up about the struggles she’s had to face.

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She reflects on growing up and what she had to deal with along the way.



Niki’s message to herself is both relatable and touching.


I chatted with Maggie Knox, the creator and director of ‘Message to Me’, to gain her insight into the episode.

How did you come up with the concept of ‘Message to Me’?

“I wanted to create something where our YouTubers show off that side of themselves that their subscribers don’t normally get to see. I thought if we could tell those real stories in an artistic way, we might be able to help the people watching know that they aren’t alone.”

How was this different from other videos you’ve directed before?

“Usually I’m on a comedy set like my show 20 Ways with Alexis G. Zall and Ayydubs (Alyx Weiss)… or trying crazy makeup tips with Meg DeAngelis on Makeup Mythbusters. Fun, silly, crazy stuff. This shoot was slower, quieter, more intimate and emotional. I wanted to make sure we stayed respectful of Niki and her story throughout the shoot and luckily, she made it pretty easy for us.”

What was it like working on set with Niki DeMartino?

“Niki was awesome both during our writing session and on set. She walked all over Downtown LA with us (in wet shoes!) and never once complained… which is better than I could do. She’s creative and confident and passionate about her work, and having that energy around really kept our little crew moving all day. She was always bouncing around and climbing on things… plus finding free WiFi in the craziest places. That was truly impressive. Collaborating with Niki has been a lot of fun – she’s so open and trusting that you feel like close friends as soon as you sit down with her. Her hard work and positivity is contagious, and I hope we get to work together again very soon. ”

Be sure to watch the full video below: