Omg! Shawn Mendes Wants A Fan to Design His Next Tattoo

We wonder what design he'll choose

Okay, so you might have heard of fans sometimes tattooing their fave celeb’s signature on their bodies (we’re talking about those super devoted, hardcore fans that remember it’s Justin Bieber’s mom’s birthday before he even does).

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But what if a fan could decide on the tattoo that would go on their favorite star’s body forever and ever (assuming they don’t laser it away when they’re eighty)?

Well, now’s your chance!!!

The one and only Shawn Mendes (aka the eighteen-year-old that’s been blessing our car speakers with swoon-worthy hits such as “Mercy” and “Treat You Better”) looks like he’s interested in getting another tattoo – and would even be up for it being designed by a fan!

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“If one [of] you can create a really cool design with the illuminate theme or whatever really & i love it i will definitely get it tattooed.” Shawn wrote in a tweet (!!!!).

Yes, you did read that correctly!

Illuminate is Shawn’s second studio album, and it looks like he’d like a new tattoo that fits the theme of his latest successful project. But if you had an idea that was going in a different direction, there’s no reason to worry. Shawn did say “or whatever really” meaning you could basically suggest anything and if Shawn really liked it, he’d be down getting it tattooed!

This might be the coolest thing a celebrity has ever done.

Of course fans have already started the hashtag #tattoosforshawn because what better way to catch a celeb’s attention these days than with a catchy hashtag?!

We cannot wait to see if Shawn follows through with this, and are excited to see all of the stellar designs his enthused fans come up with. It was just last summer that Shawn got his very first tattoo which is not only beautiful, but has a super touching meaning behind it.

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