Camila Reveals Her One Regret About Leaving Fifth Harmony

We're sad this couldn't happen

It’s no secret that Camila’s exit from the girl group originally formed on X Factor didn’t go down so smoothly. In quite the public display, Fifth Harmony and Camila went back and forth on social media for all to see. First, Fifth Harmony alluded to the fact that Camila didn’t warn her fellow bandmates of her departure in an official letter posted to Twitter.

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Camila then took to her own Twitter explaining that the claims were false.

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But, as they say, time heals all. Now that six months have passed, Camila is getting a little perspective on the whole situation. While being interview by 92.3 AMP Radio, the new solo artist opened up about her one regret when it comes to Fifth Harmony. “Obviously I wish it wouldn’t have been like that because I just, you know, peace.” Hindsight’s 20/20, right?

Camila did have some kind words for her former band, “But like I said, I wish them the best.” In regards to Fifth Harmony’s new single “Down,” Camilla added, “I’ve heard some snippets of it. I haven’t had a chance to hear the whole thing, but I thought it was pretty cool.”

When asked if it was weird to not hear her voice on the track Camila commented, “I feel like it’s just been a natural evolution. I wish the best for them and I’m sure they’re going to kill it, and I’m super happy making my own music.”

Awww. Now when’s the reunion? Too soon, right? Too soon.

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