‘Pretty Little Liars’ Author Promises New Books Based on the Series

"A" Whole New Story

From tattoos to emotional vlogs, everyone, from cast members to viewers, has been trying to come to terms with the end of Pretty Little Liars. Although the series will most definitely probably end for good next spring (sob!), author Sara Shepherd, who penned the original series, has some A-mazing news for fans.

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Sara announced on her Instagram account last week that she will be writing three (!!!)  additional stories after the Freeform series comes to an end.

“We all know Real Ali as the diabolical maniac who systematically murdered her twin sister, Ian Thomas, and everyone else who got in her way—including attempts Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Aria,” Sara wrote. “But what if there’s more to her than that? What if Ali’s quest for revenge against the girls wasn’t born the day Courtney switched with her but later? And what if she felt a secret, forbidden love for one of them, a love that chose her to make impulsive decisions—and foolish mistakes?”

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As most diehard fans already know, Alison’s character was a lot different in the show compared to the original books, so we are super curious about what’s in store for Ali and whether the rest of the Liars will appear in the new e-books. From the sounds of it, Emily might have a “pretty” big part in the new series.

Looks like Emison lives on.