Ryan Gosling is Worried About Harry Styles’ Heart

He can make anyone's heart race

Ryan Gosling is Worried About Harry Styles' Heart


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It’s well known to One Direction fans that Harry Styles is a fan of rom coms—there’s even a voice at the beginning of the song “Woman” on his debut solo album that says, “Should we just search ‘romantic comedies’ on Netflix and see what we find?”

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw, Harry was subjected to an usual test: they hooked him up to a heart monitor and showed him various photos to see if any of them literally made his heart race. These photos included Zayn in a leather jacket, a brand new pair of Chelsea boots, and – the star of one of Harry’s favorite romantic comedies The Notebook – Ryan Gosling.

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When Nick showed him the photo, Harry took a second to recognize whom it was, finally noting with a raise of his eyebrows that it was Ryan Gosling shirtless. Harry even paid him a little compliment.

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Harry’s heart rate had been resting steadily around 70 beats per minute, but suddenly it started to climb all the way to 80!

ExtraTV caught up with Ryan Gosling recently at San Diego Comic Con and asked him if he’d seen the video of Harry’s reaction. “Well, I’m more concerned that he might have a heart condition,” Ryan said. “It’s less about me and more about something more serious. My prayers are with him, and I hope he has a safe and swift recovery.”

As far as we know, Harry’s heart is, of course, perfectly fine. But we appreciate Ryan’s self-deprecating faux concern nonetheless. The real cause for worry was the pair of Chelsea boots that sent Harry’s heart rate all the way up to 100! (Thankfully, the radio host offered to laminate the photo of the boots so Harry could take it home with him.)

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