Ryan Reynolds Just Expertly Helped a Teen Get Over Her Breakup

Doing this next time we have a heartbreak

Breakups suck no matter when they happen, but the sting is especially hard to handle when the breakup taints an otherwise perfect memory. That’s what happened to Gabi Dunn, who broke up with her boyfriend just a few days after prom, effectively ruining her prom pictures and memories.

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Gabi isn’t one to be held down though. The teen found a creative solution to the problem—she photoshopped Hollywood hottie Ryan Reynolds into the photos in place of her now-ex, and tweeted her creations.

Ryan saw the pics and he responded—in the absolute best way—by suggesting that Gabi take it a step further and photoshop him over the ex’s yearbook pictures too.

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This is officially all the breakup advice any of us ever need.

Featured Image Source: Marie Claire