Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Are Instagram Official

Or are they?

DROP EVERYTHING. If you’re needing some major celebrity news to ease the pain of homework today, we have it for you.

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Guess who followed Selena Gomez on Instagram? That’s right, The Weeknd. Take a look for yourself.


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And not to worry, Selena was sure to immediately follow back.


So, this means they’re officially a couple right? The way we see it, celebrities take Instagram interactions even more seriously than we do (which is pretty darn serious). And who can blame them when their every move is scrutinized? The reciprocated follows surely mean this thing is real; however, we’ll feel much more secure when one of them actually posts a photo of them together on their Instagram.

This social media act of love comes just two weeks after the two were seen kissing at a Santa Monica restaurant. Since then, they’ve been spotting at a John Mayer show together, where the two were said to be v affectionate. Whatever the follows mean, we just hope they’re happy (and potentially making music together).

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