Selena Gomez Gives Dove Cameron Amazing Advice

Can you be our mentor too, Sel?

One thing is for sure: Selena Gomez is v busy. Just in the first two months of the year, she’s produced a Netflix show, released new music, and threw the greatest birthday party ever for her boyfriend. While Selena may be busy, she’s proven she’s never too busy to help an up and coming female star.

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Dove Cameron, fellow Disney star, opened up to People about Selena’s wise advice to her, advice she still follows to this day.

The Liv and Maddie actress dished, “We were going to meet for coffee, but she was just like, just come over. So I went over to her house and for a couple of hours just ended up barefoot on the floor of her kitchen.”

(Sidebar: How COOL is that of Selena? “Just come over!” This is why we love her.)

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Dove continued, “I remember it was a while ago, she really stressed cause I was so scared and she was like, the most important thing is that you never deviate from your authenticity. You’re just open, you’re bare with your fans.”

While we can’t exactly relate to this stellar advice considering our fans include our mom, dog, and the pizza delivery guy, we do love her message about authenticity. Thanks, Selena! You are now singer, actress, and superstar advice giver.

Dove also discussed with People the last five episodes of Liv and Maddiestating, “These last five episodes are, like, insanely emotional. They answer every question. They wrap it up perfectly. I’m really proud of them.” Count us in!