Selena Gomez Just Instagrammed The Weeknd and Then Deleted It

Is this the cutest post of all time?

Another day, another notch in the relationship belt of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. Which notch you ask? Well, they have now both posted photos of each other on their respective Instagrams.

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It’s only been about a week since the two started following each other on Instagram, but their relationship is quickly evolving, and we have the social media posts to prove it. To get you Seleeknd lovers up to speed, The Weeknd was the first to officially post a photo of Selena on his Instagram. The “Starboy” singer snapped a pic of Sel admiring The Birth of Venus at The Uffizi Gallery in Florence and then added it to his Insta story.

Did you get that? THE TWO ARE IN ITALY TOGETHER. This relationship is so on.

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Next, Selena took to Instagram to post an adorable video of The Weeknd cruising along through the canals of Venice (casual). Here’s the weird thing though, Selena almost immediately deleted the video after posting it.

Thank goodness for the rabid Selena fans, however, as they were able to save the vid before it disappeared forever into The Cloud. Check it out (volume up for this one).

@selenagomez: 😍

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Adorable, right? We’re all about it but still skeptical as to why she would delete it. Hmmm. Trouble in paradise? Too much pressure? Whatever the reason may be, we just hope those two love birds enjoy their Italian adventure together.

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