Selena Gomez Just Released a Teaser for Her New TV Show

That's right, she's pairing up with Netflix

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure your newsfeeds have been stuffed to the brim with Selena news this month. While we were v excited to hear about her rumored romance with The Weeknd, this breaking Selena news takes the cake.

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Okay, deep breath. Are you ready? *big inhale*

Selena Gomez is producing a new TV show with Netflix, and we can barely contain our excitement. And guess who else is joining the project as a producer? Selena’s mom!! Mother daughter goals, amiright?

The show, titled 13 Reasons Why, is adapted from the YA novel of the same name by Jay Asher. The catalyst of this show is teenager Hannah’s suicide. After her tragic death, her classmate Clay (played by Dylan Minette) finds a box of tapes left by Hannah (played by Katherine Langford). The tapes reveal 13 reasons why Hannah decided to take her own life, and of course, she addresses specific classmates. After finding the tapes, the show takes dark and twisted turns, while Clay and her classmates try to cope with and piece together this tragic act. Check out the teaser here:

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Selena has become quite the advocate for mental health disorders lately (slay, Selena!), and this project is no exception. Selena is labeling this her “passion project,” as you can see from her Instagram caption.

If the teaser is any indication of how amazing the show will be, we are all in.

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