Selena Gomez Just Wore PJs in Public and Totally Slayed

$423 pajamas

Well, Selena Gomez has done it again. Earlier this month, the singer–who suspended her Revival tour (and Instagram) to focus on her health–sent our hearts aflutter with her touching AMA acceptance speech. Her speech, vulnerable and transparent about her former broken self, gave us all a real dose of self-love inspiration (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t listen to it every morning with Christina Aguilera’s “You Are Beautiful” playing softly in the background). And now, our favorite pop star has stolen our hearts once again in a much comfier and casual way.

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On December 2nd, Selena stepped out in Santa Monica wearing…drum roll, please…pajamas. Pajamas and killer black pumps, to be exact. Yes, Selena Gomez has now made it socially acceptable to wear what was once only deemed appropriate attire for binging reality television and stress dreaming about finals.

Selena in Santa Monica – December 2nd

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And this isn’t the first time she’s pulled off the casual look. Remember the navy with white piping frock she wore in 2015?


While I don’t exactly own the $423 pair of Olivia Von Hall PJs Selena dons here, I have a feeling my sleep shirt (a 90s *NSYNC tee circa 7th grade) will look just as chic with my favorite black pumps. Selena, if this is what self-love looks like, we’ll see your PJs and raise you a pair of comfy slipper.