Selena Gomez’s Fans Are SO Upset About This Photoshop Fail

And we can see why, TBH

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Selena Gomez is the face of Coach — and we can’t blame the brand for wanting to team up with Sel. The singer and actress (and producer and all-around badass) is one of the biggest stars in the world, and she’s gorgeous inside and out.

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That’s why fans are so upset by Coach’s latest round of ads featuring the star.

Here’s one Selena shared to her own Instagram:

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Notice anything off about it? If you think it doesn’t quite look like the Selena you know and love, then you’re not alone. Fans are calling out the brand for “enhancing” Selena almost beyond recognition.

Coach shared several pictures from the new campaign — and fans are not holding back in the comments.

“Worst photoshop I’ve ever seen,” wrote Instagram user _alex.dodd.

“Yes we know she’s gorgeous that’s why when they edit her there is an outcry,” lauren_4646 wrote.

No one is disputing Selena’s beauty — but fans want to see more of her natural beauty shine through in the ads.

“Too much photoshop!!!!! Her face look like she is choking!” yahliplotnikk wrote about the above picture.

“Please stop using photoshop with her she’s perfect just as she is .. 🙄,” shawty_0715 added.

But user lauren_4646 probably summed it up best with her comment, “dear @coach , selena doesnt need photoshop, she is stunning the way she is.”

Fans are also venting their frustrations on Twitter:

And this isn’t the first time Coach has received backlash for photoshopping Selena. Shots of her from the brand’s summer 2017 campaign drew similar comments from fans.

Here are the summer shots, if you need a refresher:

Hopefully Coach gets the message and presents a more natural version of Selena in its next campaign.

Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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