Shawn Mendes’ Grandfather Is Basically His Twin

Can we get some of those genes?

The mystery has finally been solved as to where Shawn Mendes got his boyishly good with a dash of ruggedly handsome looks. The Stitches singer recently snapped a photo of his grandfather, and not only is he a total dreamboat, he happens to look like Shawn’s long lost twin. Our minds are totally blown. Take a look:

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-via snapchat (11/23) #shawnmendes

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See!? Mind. Blown. Anyone else wishing they had a time machine so they could casually bump into Grandpops? You’d lock eyes across a crowded cafe. He’d approach and say, “I can treat you better.” Anyone? Just me? Okay, anywayyy….

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If you’d like to continue with your Shawn Mendes themed procrastination, we highly recommend checking out this photoshoot. We promise your mind will be just as blown.

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