Shawn Mendes Just Performed a New Song at His Friend’s Wedding

Listen to his new, unreleased love ballad

MAJOR best friend goals alert. Last weekend, Shawn Mendes took the stage at his best friend Matt’s wedding reception to play a new and unreleased love ballad for the newlyweds’ first dance. Before diving into the song titled “Try My Best,” Shawn explains that both he and Matt wrote the song together for this special day, and, according to Billboard, the song originated from a love letter Matt had written to Catherine (the very lucky bride). While strumming the intro, Shawn states,”So technically I’m not the only writer on this song. Matt and I both wrote this for you, Catherine, so I hope you love it.”

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What is this? A Hollywood movie? And how do we become friends with Shawn?

While guests flocked to twitter and Instagram to post the special moment, the wedding videographers, 618 Studios, caught a killer clip and posted it to Instagram. Take a listen (or two, or three, or ten).

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Fantastic, right? Not only does this prove that Shawn may be the world’s most thoughtful friend, it also proves he’s still got it when it comes to writing swoon-worthy love songs.

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