Starbucks Introduces Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa

Let the holidays begin

December is here. That means shorter days, snowy mornings for those living in Northern climates, and lots of hot cocoa. If you were giving in to the stress and the cold of this time of year (did someone say finals?), we have a little bit of news that should brighten your day. Per usual, the answer to wintertime woes is none other than Starbucks. Last week, Starbucks announced some pretty incredible holiday-themed hot cocoa flavors.

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The most exciting of them all — snickerdoodle! Snickerdoodle cookies are pretty decadent to begin with, but imagining them in hot cocoa form is certainly enough to make our mouths water. The beverage is prepared with a wonderful mixture of steamed milk, white chocolate sauce, and cinnamon dolce syrup, before being topped with swirled whipped cream and cinnamon sugar. Oh, and to sweeten the deal (pun 100% intended) you can add a cake pop to your holiday hot chocolate order for a mere dollar. Worried about braving the cold to make it to your local Starbucks and claim your delicious hot chocolate? No problem, Starbucks will be selling its hot cocoa mixes in local supermarkets throughout the holiday season, meaning you can actually enjoy this holiday treat anytime, anywhere. So, curl up with your books, schoolwork, or latest Netflix obsession and prepare to embrace the holiday season. It really is the extra boost we need to get us to 2017.

Starbucks Introduces Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa: starbucks

Source: Erin Cullum

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