Student Missed His Graduation, Strangers on the Subway Came to His Rescue

Cue the "awwwws"

Are you ready for the most heartwarming thing you’ll hear all day!? We thought so. Us too.

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Meet Jerich Marco Alcantara. He was on a train on his way to his commencement ceremony where he’d be graduating with a nursing degree from Hunter College.

This is when the worst possible thing ever happened; the New York M train he was riding broke down. At this point, he still had hope that he might be able to make his graduation. Then, two hours passed, and when the MTA moved everyone to a rescue train, he knew it was over. There was no hope he’d make it. 

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After announcing to the train that he was definitely going to miss his graduation, the strangers all around him had an inspired idea; they’d hold a mock graduation on the train. How adorable is that!?

“I tried lightening the mood,” Alcantara said. “I addressed the whole train car, thanking them for coming to my graduation.” The cherry on top of this kind act humanity was that his friend Bobby started playing Green Day’s “Time Of Your Life” on his phone in the background. Hilarious. Check out the viral video:

As of writing this article, the video almost has 2.5 million views. That sounds way more fun than sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair listening to hundreds of names being called, right?

Congratulations, Jerich! You’re officially a nursing graduate. 

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