Taylor Swift Wipes Everything Off Her Social Media Accounts

Taylor Swift Deletes Everything Off Her Social Media Accounts

(source: breakingnews.ie)

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Taylor Swift has been noticeably quiet over the last year. Fans were sure Swift was going to release new music last year, as she has a pretty specific cadence thus far: she has released a new album every two years since 2006. But instead, there was no album (gah!) and Taylor had just one live performance throughout all of 2016.

Today, fans were hit with many questions when they saw that Swift’s social media accounts have suddenly been wiped clean — avatar photos and all.

Instagram? Say goodbye to all of those epic fourth of July photos. Twitter? If it wasn’t still verified, you’d think it was a neglected account you forgot you made in middle school. Her website? Whoever spent hours designing it is in for a real surprise. Unless that person is behind it. The plot thickens…

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This news has many fans thinking Swift is about to announce something huge. I mean, what better way to make sure everyone’s keeping an eye on your social media pages than to erase everything on there? Talk about a swift move.

Of course, fans couldn’t contain their excitement.

We are waiting with bated breath. And if, like us, you need more Taylor in your life right now, don’t worry — we’ve kept receipts of her old Myspace page for you.