That Time Justin Bieber Lost a $240,000 Car

Because he forgot where he parked it

We’ve all had forgetful moments, but Justin Bieber’s recent one almost cost him $240,000. According to Teen Vogue, the singer endured about three weeks of panic when he temporarily lost his $240,000 custom Ferrari, which really puts your freak out over your missing lip gloss into perspective.

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So how did Justin lose an entire vehicle? He simply forgot where he parked it. Yep, we’ve all been there. Justin was out with friends in Beverly Hills and totally forgot where he had left his car. His assistant (who deserves a giant holiday bonus) found the vehicle after almost a full month of searching. Turns out, it was at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. No one called Justin about the car because, according to a valet employee at the hotel, it’s not that uncommon for celebs to leave a vehicle at a favorite hotel as a kind of temporary storage — so that’s what everyone at the Montage assumed Justin was doing.

But he wasn’t and his assistant was deliriously happy when the car was located. According to Teen Vogue, the valet employee said she “was in a real state of panic and almost cried with relief when we told her the Ferrari was safe in a covered spot here.”

To be fair, if we ever misplaced a $240,000 car (or, you know, any car at all), we’d panic too. We’re glad Justin found his car and hopefully next time, he’ll take a picture on his phone as a reminder of where he parks.

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Featured Image Source: Billboard