The Internet Cannot Figure Out What’s Happening in This Kendall Jenner Pic

The legs though. What's going on with the LEGS?

We’re used to spending too much time looking at Instagram pictures of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, but this one takes our Insta-stalking to the next level. In fact, the internet is becoming collectively obsessed with a picture posted to InStyle Magazine‘s Instagram.

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The picture in question was taken at the Golden Globes afterparty and features Kendall, Kylie, and their friend, Hailey Baldwin. Three beauties like these should be enough to keep us staring at a pic all on their own, but TBH, the thing we’re really obsessing over is the fact that one of Kendall’s legs appears to be missing. Like missing missing. Um, what?


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One Instagram user claims to have solved the mystery, Teen Vogue reports. “They all have their legs crossed and Kendall has her left leg (covered by her dress) under her right leg. It looks a bit funny because she’s twisting to face the camera. You’re welcome.”

Well, okay. There you have it (maybe), but it’s still a bonkers illusion to look at.

Featured Image Source: People