‘The Voice’ Contestants On How They’ve Changed Since Joining The Show

Their responses are truly inspiring

Contestants from season 12 of “The Voice” shared what they’ve learned about themselves since joining the singing competition show. Their answers are truly inspiring, and definitely motivate us to follow our dreams. Check out their incredible responses below!

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Mark Isaiah: “I’ve definitely improved in my performance skills and the way that I interact with the audience and how I perform onstage. I’m getting more comfortable. Just learning to be a better artist.”

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Jesse Larson: “I can do a whole lot more than i envisioned myself doing.”


Lilli Passero: “I feel like I have gotten to know myself better, obviously as a musician, and I feel like I have a lot of work to do.”


TSoul: “There were things growing up, we have our insecurities, we have things that make us not do the things we want to do. I think what Blake has instilled in me is to be myself, and being myself I’m able to sit down on the stage, lay down on the stage, but I’m also able to show the side of me that I showed tonight which is you know, just standing there and singing a ballad, and so he showed me how versatile I truly am as an artist and how to put that into the world.”


Lauren Duski: “Before this show started, my biggest critique of myself was that I am the biggest perfectionist. Sometimes that can really hurt you as an artist cause you get up there and you’re overcritical of yourself. I feel like finally in the competition I’ve been able to let go of that perfectionism and just sing, just let go and whatever happens, happens.”


Brennley Brown: “I think one thing I’ve learned about myself from being on the show is really, you know, to believe in myself more. Cause I doubted myself a lot in the beginning thinking I was too young and that people wouldn’t really take me seriously and is the song right, but I think I’ve learned that I can trust myself and know that I’m good enough to get up onstage and just be myself. Not worry about anything else. Just singing with heart. That’s the most important thing that I’ve learned so far.”


Hunter Plake: “[I’ve learned] a lot about opening up and not being afraid of who I am and being able to talk in front of a lot of people and stuff like that. I was really insecure for a long time and now I’m not, and so…I’ve really learned on this journey to just not be afraid of who I am and not be ashamed of it. I think everybody needs to learn that.”


Vanessa Ferguson: “I’m even stronger than I thought I was. I always felt that I was a strong person, I’ve been through a lot of things, but this really validates that for me. That I can be tough mentally, physically spiritually.”


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