‘The Voice’ Contestants Reveal Fun Facts About Their Coaches

"He has a turkey named turkey"

We chatted with “The Voice” contestants from team Blake, Alicia, Adam, and Gwen, and asked them to tell us something they’ve learned about their coaches that they didn’t know before!

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We have to say, after hearing their responses, we think we love the coaches even more! Check out the contestants’ responses below:

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Team Blake:

Aliyah Moulden: “He has a turkey named turkey.”

TSoul: “He was in a beauty pageant as a child.”

Lauren Duski: “He can groove like TSoul. It’s pretty impressive.”

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Team Alicia:

Chris Blue: “How wise she is.”

Stephanie Rice: “She’s got a great sense of humor…and off camera, she’s very chill.”


Team Adam:

Lilli Passero: “He’s a lot more committed than I realized…he’s a million percent there. There’s no doubt he’s there.”

Jesse Larson: “He started out as a guitar player just like me. It just so happened that he ended up being the best singer in the group, so he had to sing. For both of us, that’s the exact same scenario. We have a bond in that way. We both came from the same place.”

Mark Isaiah: “The way that he deals with us…he really cares. The fact that he believes in me so much to keep me here and say that stuff that he says about me is amazing.”

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Team Gwen:

Hunter Plake: “She’s so open….I didn’t know that she was going to be as open as she is going into it….she’s a role model for me in the way that she treats people and the way that she gives everybody respect no matter if you’re Stevie Wonder or an unknown artist – she’s gonna treat you the same.”


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