Catching Up With ‘The Voice’ Top 12 Contestants

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We caught up with the top 12 contestants of the Voice to talk about their experience on the show, and more! Scroll down to see what some of your faves had to say.

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What’s the best part about being on a show like “The Voice”?

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Lauren Duski: I feel like it’s such an inspiring platform and such a positive atmosphere. Not only have I made friends and family for life throughout this show, I just feel like finally being able to share my voice with the world is something that I never dreamed I would be able to do at this capacity. So I’m incredibly honored, incredibly thankful that it’s resonating with people and I cannot wait to share more.

Stephanie Rice: Being on the show allows me to do the one thing I love to do the most and that’s sharing my heart with others through music. It’s called “The Voice” and I feel like in a lot of ways it’s given me a voice in a different sense, and I don’t want to waste that. I’ve shared my story with the world and I’ve received messages from people all over the world sharing their own stories of brokenness, and I read them all, I see their pain, share it too, and now when I get on the stage I feel like I’m singing for them.

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Hunter Plake: Definitely being able to spend time with Gwen and I haven’t been able to spend that much time with Adam or Blake but the little that I have been able to hang out with them is awesome too, as well as being around Alicia, she’s like so cool.

Troy Ramey: The best part about being on “The Voice” is that we get to sing on TV. As weird of a way to build your music career as this is, it’s pretty awesome. I mean this is the biggest stage you could ever get, and there’s a lot of people that are talented that try out for the show. So to be here right now is a huge honor and it feels great to be among such talented people and it’s gonna give us a chance to show the world who we are and discover the artist that I am and the music that I made, I’ve already made, and the music that I’m going to make.

Chris Blue: The opportunity. The opportunity to work with such amazing talent like my teammates and work with the best coach ever, Alicia Keys, the stage, the band, the atmosphere, and the moment.

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Vanessa Ferguson: Being able to show young girls, coming from nothing, to be able to have things come full circle and fulfill your dreams. To do the impossible. My dreams as a kid were outrageous. To see some of them come true, I’m hoping that it’s inspiring some young people to keep pushing. Don’t give up.

Jesse Larson: The learning experience of it. I push myself so much farther in this experience than I ever have in my life. I’ve always been a guitar player first, like I haven’t really even sang too much before this, so pushing myself this far and learning as much as I am and having a coach like Adam Levine to work off of and to give me advice, it’s absolutely amazing.

Lilli Passero: Getting to overcome preconceived challenges, things that I thought I couldn’t do and I’m now realizing I can if I try.

Mark Isaiah: The best things being on the show is learning from your coach and the fan base you gain from this, and the experience. I got to meet John Legend, so that was pretty cool.


How do you deal with nerves before a show?

Lauren Duski: Normally I have to listen to Kendrick Lamar, like some sort of music to pump me up. I just have to keep my headphones on the whole time cause I really easily psych out, so just staying in the zone and staying as focused as I can has been key for me.

Troy Ramey: You just have to trust all the practice you put in because although we’re only performing one song we practice that thing nonstop. You just have to trust the work that you put in and there’s no way to get rid of the nerves. They are always gonna be there. The most nervous that you’re ever going to be in your life. But once you hit the first note, everything just kind of fades away and you trust yourself.

Hunter Plake: I take really deep breaths before going up and that helps me, and also I pray and get my spirit in the right spot before I go up there too, and doing those two things tend to get me through it, and also I drink some coffee, cause I’m a coffee addict.

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Do you remember the first time you watched “The Voice” and did you ever think one day you’d audition for the show?

Chris Blue: The first time I saw “The Voice” I was sitting on my bed in my boxers, we’re not going to go any further, but that’s what I was wearing at the time, I’d just gotten out of the shower. Anyways, I remember thinking to myself ‘these are some incredible singers and performers and there’s no way I would ever try out for the show. I’m not good enough’. I almost turned my car around on the way to Atlanta when I went to audition, my fiance talked me into just going and giving it a shot and believing in yourself. Because of that, because of the amazing people of America, because of my coach, and I believe because of god, I’m still here and I’m so humbled, I’m so grateful.

Mark Isaiah: I definitely did say that I wanted to be on that show one day. I remember telling my parents like ‘I wanna be on that show’ when I was younger. I tried out when I was like seventeen and I didn’t make it through the second round, and I tried out again now, and I’m here. Top twelve.

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