‘The Voice’ Top 12 Talk Biggest Challenges of the Week

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Our faves from season 12 of “The Voice” absolutely killed it during their live performances of last night’s show. We chatted with the top 12 finalists to talk about their biggest challenges leading up to this week.

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Chris Blue

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“I think my biggest challenge this week was making sure that I produced my heart for this song. I made sure I wasn’t just all over the place, I gave the song room to breath. I wanted to make sure that I was able to produce a musical sound that would be tasteful to the ear, and actually take people on a journey, not just like smack them in the face from the jump, and those are the notes that Alicia gave me and mentor Shania Twain.”


Stephanie Rice

“My biggest challenge this week was that I did not know the song that was given to me. It was given to me the night before I met with Alicia, so I had to learn it, but also had to arrange it in the way that I would approach writing a song. I wanted to put my own spin on it. First thing I did was read the lyrics. I knew I didn’t know the song so I thought, let’s just start from scratch. I read the lyrics without listening to the song. And I thought, ‘Okay this is my life story, this is perfect.’ So I thought about the vibe of the song before I even listened to the song. Then I listened to the song and the melody was beautiful, beautifully gorgeous, so I really just kind of approached it how I would write it, and I was nervous to show Alicia, and she was very receptive of the idea and so was Shania and we all just came together and put it together. It ended up being a challenge but also a very rewarding experience.”


Aliyah Moulden

“My biggest challenge this week was definitely taking on a song that I’ve never heard before and it was an amazing challenge. I grew a lot from it, and it was such a blessing that I pulled through, it didn’t turn out into a complete disaster and like me falling on the floor crying. I’m just so grateful that things worked out and that I’m still here and still standing and I’m just so happy to be here.”


Lauren Duski

“My biggest challenge? I would say finding time to sleep. I’ve been trying to, as far as song choices go, just trust Blake as much as possible. I mean, there are moments of doubt sometimes just because you hear what you’ve sung before, you hear what other people are singing, I’ve been singing a lot of classic country songs, I’m so proud to be able to share them with people. But I also am wondering like, ‘Okay, the new generation, is it gonna resonate with them?’ I’m just very thankful that Blake knows what he’s doing.”



“My biggest challenge was, I went to my brother’s wedding, my brother and his beautiful new wife got married, and they got married in Virginia. It was cold and rainy, and the opposite of all the beautiful things in LA. So when I got back I didn’t have a voice. I woke up this morning I definitely didn’t have a voice. So the biggest thing for me to overcome was, I was on ‘The Voice’ without a voice! So all day I’ve been drinking tea and praying and talking with family and doing all the things our amazing vocal coach told me to do. And by the grace of god I was allowed to give my all in that performance, and it got the stamp of approval of Shania Twain and Blake Shelton, and those are country stars and I was singing a country song, so I’m satisfied.”


Brennley Brown

“I think the biggest challenge for me this week was to not worry about hitting the highest note I possibly could. And just knowing that singing from my heart, telling genuine story through the song was enough. That was a challenge for me definitely. Also, the second challenge, it’s a classic song, so I was nervous and I wanted to do it justice. I’m just so grateful to have this opportunity.”


Hunter Plake

“I’d say the biggest challenge for me this week was trying to sleep because I was working so much. Working on the demo and all that stuff. Going into this and, I guess creating my own demos from scratch with ‘The Voice’ kind of adds another thing on my back to do during the week and so, I was working on that a lot and trying to perfect that.”


Troy Ramey

“My biggest challenge this week was, it’s probably been the challenge that I’ve had every week, trying to make Gwen happy with singing the song in a way that’s gonna continue to be familiar to America. Changing it so much, like I normally would, that was a big challenge with this song because I had to try to hit some notes that I didn’t think existed. But it all worked out.”


Jesse Larson

“The biggest thing for me was stepping outside my comfort zone, putting my guitar down and just being me and a piano. That’s crazy talk for me. So doing that, and then just to get over it, I just had to find a way to believe in myself. That I could do it. I could step outside of my comfort zone and make something happen. It turned out good, I think.”


Lilli Passero

“I was very sick. And I overcame it with tons of love and support, and a lot of essential oils and remedies, and so much sleep and a really clean diet and faith.”


Mark Isaiah

“The biggest thing for me this week was the arrangement of the song. I had to figure out how I wanted to change it up, make it a little more interesting, which hopefully I did.”