The ‘You Get Me’ Trailer is Here and We’re Shook

catch the film on Netflix June 23rd

The You Get Me Trailer is Here and We're Shook


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The trailer for Awesomeness Films’ new movie “You Get Me” is finally here, and it has us counting down the days to its Netflix release on June 23rd. With a thrilling plot and a stellar cast (Bella Thorne, Taylor John Smith, Halston Sage, Nash Grier…need we say more?), we are completely shook after watching the official trailer.

In the film, Tyler’s (Taylor John Smith) crazy in love with his perfect girlfriend Ali (Halston Sage), but when a big fight sends him spiraling, he lands in the arms of sexy out-of-towner Holly (Bella Thorne) who shows him a night he won’t forget. The next morning he finds that not only is Ali taking him back, but Holly is a new student at their school and is dead set on her new man.

Watch the trailer for “You Get Me” below.

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