This 21-Year-Old Is Running For Mayor of San Francisco

Meet the techy, rapping Mehak Vohra

This 21-Year-Old Is Running For Mayor of San Francisco

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Earlier this month, 21-year-old digital entrepreneur Mehak Vohra announced that she’s running for mayor of San Francisco — and if she wins, she would be the youngest mayor in SF history.

An East Coast transplant now living in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, Vohra has followed in the footsteps of many tech entrepreneurs before her. In 2016, she put her Purdue University education on pause to pursue her dream of founding a tech startup in Silicon Valley.

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Just a year later, she’s the founder and CEO of Jamocha Media, a successful digital marketing agency that helps companies target millennials and Gen Z audiences through social media. But now Vohra wants to activate younger audiences in a different way: by making a bid to join public office.

“I’m trying to offer an alternative younger view for the next generation,” Vohra told the San Francisco Examiner. “My goal is to encourage younger people to make it out to the polls, and get involved with the community.”

While this may be Vohra’s first stab at getting involved in politics, the registered Democrat is no stranger to building a name (and brand) for herself. Named one of Forbes’ 10 Gen Z Experts You Should Be Following, the Jamocha Media creator is a marketing mentor for Bunker Labs, GSV Labs, and GrowthX Academy.

She’s also a vlogger/amateur rapper on YouTube. Chronicling her everyday experience as a young woman in Silicon Valley, Vohra’s videos offer fun and funny insights into the tech industry. Her Medium profile bills herself, in part, as “YouTuber. Youngest Marketer in the Bay. Purdue Dropout.”



“Your passion should be something that makes you feel like you’re becoming a better person every day,” Vohra wrote in a Quora blog. “It should be something you want to spend the rest of your life getting better at. That’s why I launched a content agency.”

As mayor, Vohra hopes to hit refresh on some of the challenges facing the city including the local cost of living, education, public health, and homelessness, but for now, she’s just happy to inspire younger people to engage in current political discourse.

“I understand the odds are not in my favor, but regardless of whether I win or lose, I want to bring awareness to the important issues and give a voice to the next generation in San Francisco.”

Raising your voice around issues you care about and putting yourself out there — whether it’s interviewing for a job you don’t feel qualified for, or running for office — are powerful ways to create change in the world around you. Time will tell if Vohra becomes a real contender in the race for SF mayor.

But in the meantime, she is most definitely our #WCW. Her aspirations are proof that your career path might not always be A to B to C. Taking different paths along the way can lead to some surprising outcomes.

Kitty Lindsay
Kitty Lindsay

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