This Girl’s Mom Took a Selfie With Nick Jonas Without Realizing It

Classic mom...

Oh, moms. They’re the greatest confidante/best friend/truth speaker a girl could ask for, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hit us with some major face palm moments now and again (read: every day). And we have to admit, we kinda love them.

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One 18 year old’s mom, however, has every other mom beat in the face palm category. While on vacation in Hawaii, Cheryl Potts was sure to send her teen daughter, Presley Peterson, plenty of photos throughout her tropical trip. One photo, however, caught Presley’s eye. Her mom had taken a selfie and had absolutely no clue the one and only Nick Jonas was in the background. *face palm*

“I was sure it was Nick as soon as I saw the picture,” Peterson told Mashable. “To confirm, I follow him on Snapchat, and sure enough, he was in Hawaii. I called her immediately after seeing the picture, trying to convince her to talk to him and get a better picture, but she wouldn’t.”

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AH-MAZING!! Let’s just get one more look:

So what did mom think? “After finding out that that is Nick in her picture she definitely sees the humor in it and we all find it super funny,” Presley added.

We crown her Accidental Cool Mom of the Year!

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