This Guy Looks So Much Like Cara Delevingne’s Dad It’s Scary

we're seeing double

A while back, Cara Delevingne posted this totally adorable throwback pic of her dad on Instagram. We have to say, we totally see the resemblance between the two.

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My dad being all young and cute ❤️

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But you know who else Cara’s dad looks like, besides Cara herself?

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Meet American student Seth Hamby, who just happens to look exactly like Cara’s dad. I mean seriously, he’s like the spitting image of her dad.


And it wasn’t too long before Seth took notice. Seth posted a side by side comparison on Twitter with the caption: “Who would’ve guessed I’m Cara Delevingne’s dad”.

Um, literally none of us would’ve guessed it! Not until now…

The internet of course freaked out, and decided the only possible explanation for this is that Cara’s dad is, in fact, a time traveler.

However, that theory might not be true as this is a current photo of Cara’s dad now.

My dad is so cute! I love you dad #tellyourparentsyoulovethem ❤️

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So Seth may not actually be Cara’s dad or a time traveler of any sort, but we have to admit, this is pretty crazy.

(However, we’ve never seen Seth and Cara’s dad in the same room at the same time…)

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