This Is Not a Drill: Shawn Mendes Would Date a Fan

And he doesn't even think it would be awkward

If you’ve ever dreamed of dating Shawn Mendes IRL, find somewhere to sit down and brace yourself for some seriously awesome news. According to Teen Vogue, Shawn would totally be up for dating you. Well, maybe not you specifically, since he presumably hasn’t met you yet, but a fan in general.

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On the American Music Awards red carpet, Shawn spilled to E! that he would “totally” date a fan. What’s more: He doesn’t even think it would be all that awkward. “maybe only for the first day or two.” So basically, after the second date, it would just be normal old amazing/perfect/beautiful true love and the two of you would laugh about how funny it was that you used to follow him on Twitter and tweet him follow requests on the daily.

All joking aside though, it’s super sweet that Shawn is open to love wherever it might arise and he just gave hope to Mendes fans everywhere.

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