You NEED to See the Video of This Mini One Direction Reunion

We're hyperventilating a little

One Direction might still be on hiatus (no, YOU’RE crying), but that doesn’t mean their bond isn’t just as strong as ever. If you needed any proof of just that, watch this video Niall Horan posted to his Instagram story of him and Liam Payne having a mini 1D reunion.

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As Teen Vogue reports, the pair were hanging out at radio station WZPL’s ZPL Birthday Bash. Niall and Liam weren’t the only huge names in attendance. Flo Rida, Fifth Harmony, James Arthur, and Aaron Carter also performed.

Just more proof that no amount of time or distance will mess with the brotherhood of 1D.

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Now, here’s hoping these two wrote a song together or planned a quick reunion concert while they were catching up. Hey—a girl can dream, right?

Featured Image Source: Cambio