Tyler Oakley Released His Own Super Stylish Glasses Line With Warby Parker

Trendy AF

He’s an excellent YouTube sensation, an incredible author, and now, he has even brought out his very own glasses line with Warby Parker – Tyler Oakley is taking over the world by storm and we all couldn’t be any happier. In addition to being a YouTube star who could always put the biggest smile on everyone’s face, we also know Tyler Oakley for being oh, so fashionable. He’s literally #StyleGoals. We have one big question for you Tyler, can you please teach us your ways of being as amazing as you are?! Please and thank you.

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Now, we all have another thing we can add onto our holiday wish lists as Tyler Oakley has released a super stylish glasses line with Warby Parker and it totally gives off Tyler’s trendy vibes. We’re very excited about Tyler’s new project and it’s another one of his many ways of making such an extraordinary impact in this world – whether it’s through the online-video making community, fashion, and beyond.

However, Tyler’s eyeglasses line didn’t come as a complete surprise. He’s been hinting about it on social media and has been doing a lot of videos sharing his love for Warby Parker, so his collaboration with the awesome and affordable eyeglasses line was something that was well on its way of happening.

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Tyler’s eyeglasses line comes in three, fantastic styles: Wilder, Downing, and Stockton, and with each pair of glasses that are purchased, you also get a lens cloth that has a double use as a pocket square, and it comes in some great patterns including polka dots, stripes, and windowpane check. Oakley’s eyeglasses line includes prescription glasses as well as sunglasses for you to rock during those sunny days and are available for both men and women. The eyeglasses are sold starting at a price of $95.

Tyler Oakley shared the big news through a video he uploaded on his YouTube channel that also gave fans an inside look at the photo-shoot for his eyeglasses line. Let’s just say, Tyler looks super dapper and we totally love how we can now rock eyeglasses that were created and inspired by Tyler Oakley himself!


Check out Tyler Oakley’s terrific video below announcing his big news about his collaboration with Warby Parker and be sure to check out Tyler Oakley’s Warby Parker collection here. You can definitely count on us purchasing a new pair of glasses ASAP thanks to Tyler sharing his magnificent fashion wisdom!


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