Watch Aaron Carpenter Surprise His Fan In The Greatest Way

He even brought her a rose

Imagine what it would be like if one of your biggest celebrity crushes knocked on your door to surprise you with a rose and a cake to celebrate your birthday. Yes, we’re fangirling just thinking about it. As for lucky fan, Kiana Nichole, she didn’t have to imagine it, it actually happened as she won AwesomenessTV’s Before I Fall contest with a special surprise from the one and only, Aaron Carpenter.

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In fact, AwesomenessTV takes you along as Aaron Carpenter brings his cupid rose to give to Kiana and picked up her very own (delicious) birthday cake. When Aaron knocked on the door, you could only imagine how thrilled Kiana was to see heart-throb Aaron Carpenter there to ring in her birthday. #Goals times 100.

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Check out this amazing video of Aaron Carpenter surprising his number one fan  below! Can Aaron Carpenter please surprise us and show up at our doorstep next? Don’t forget to catch Before I Fall out in theaters on March 3rd!

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