Watch Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid Carpool Karaoke

Our faves jam out to "I Don't Want to Live Forever"

Taylor Swift and Gigi got their lip synch on this week while cruising in the backseat (of their private car, of course). No, this is not a segment for James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, it’s just T-Swift and Gigi being to most relatable gal pals ever. Although, James? Hello, get on that. You and I both know that video would totally go viral.

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Why were Gigi and Taylor giving quite possibly the coolest backseat performance, you ask? It turns out the two just happened to be together when Taylor heard her Zayn collab, “I Don’t Want to Live Forever,” for the first time on the radio. Check it out:

One question. HOW DOES GIGI LOOK SO COOL? Like seriously, how? Anyway, the video is currently #6 on trending on YouTube, and we’re pretty sure it’s Taylor’s dramatic brush hair over face move that solidified its spot.

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The official “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” music video was released last week and features an angsty Taylor and Zayn. The two are currently highlighting behind-the-scenes footage of the music video shoot on their Instagrams, which we highly recommend checking out.


Now, asking for a friend. How many times is too many times to listen to IDWTLF in one day?

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