Watch Taylor Swift Talk About Zayn in This BTS Video

You've got to see this

If you haven’t seen the I Don’t Wanna Live Forever music video yet, then you’re probably living under a rock. But since the release of the video, we’ve also been blessed with some behind-the-scenes videos that make us love the video even more, and we’re totally obsessed with the way Taylor Swift gushes over her friendship with Zayn.

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“I think his voice is one of those that is really rare, and I think he’s really special and wonderful and it’s really, really amazing to get to work together,” Taylor said about Zayn.

Since Zayn is dating one of Taylor’s BFFs, Gigi Hadid, it’s no surprise that Taylor and Zayn have become great friends.

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“It’s amazing when you get to work with people you hang out with, because the questions of ‘will we get along?’ is already answered. ‘Yeah we’ll get along. It’s Zayn, we hang out, like it’s fine,'” Taylor continued.

There’s nothing better than two of your fav artists working together and we have our fingers crossed this isn’t the last Taylor/Zayn collab we’ll hear about.

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