We Love This Casting Choice For The Remake Of “The Lion King”

Donald Glover will be Simba

Anything Disney related brings us a happiness like no other. Lately, we’ve been getting tons of Disney excitement – from live-action movies including Beauty and The Beast set to premiere next month in March to remakes of some of Disney’s many classic movies.

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Ever since we found out that Disney was going to be bringing out a remake of their iconic movie, The Lion King, we all couldn’t contain our excitement, and now, there’s even more amazing news in store! Jon Favreau, the director of The Lion King remake who also directed The Jungle Book, just recently announced that actor Donald Glover will be playing the role of Simba.

He announced the news on Twitter as seen below.

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It turns out that director Jon Favreau has always been connected to Donald Glover in some way as he also revealed that he has always known about him through his son who is a big fan of Donald Glover’s music. (In case you didn’t know, Donald Glover is also a musician who goes by the one and only, Childish Gambino.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jon Favreau told Donald Glover, “By the way, full disclosure: I see your face every day when I wake up my 15-year-old son because on his door is a portrait of you.”

Also casted in the remake of The Lion King is the renowned actor, James Earl Jones, who will be taking on the role of Mufasa again as he also voiced the role in the original movie.

Jon Favreau tweeted:

Just when we thought we couldn’t be anymore thrilled for this movie, the outstanding news of Donald Glover and James Earl Jones joining the cast was announced to make our lives all the more better. We can’t wait for The Lion King remake to make its way to theaters.

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