The Story Behind Wesley Stromberg’s Emotional New Single

Wes Stromberg Knows Exactly What He's Singing About


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Back in 2012, Wesley Stromberg, a fresh-faced, slightly sunburnt teen from Huntington Beach, California, auditioned for The X Factor. Fast forward five years, and Stromberg is now a solo artist who has reinvented his sound and found his voice.

We caught up with the singer to talk about living in the moment, not taking anything for granted, and of course, his latest EP, Syna.

“Working on this EP was different because of the way I approached writing each song,” Stromberg told AwesomenessTV.

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“I really took pinpointing a specific time and place seriously for each song. It was extremely important to have a reason why I am singing songs like ‘If Only.'”

Now 23 years old, Stromberg knows exactly why he’s singing:

New life experiences inspire new things to write about.


Out of all the songs on the EP, Stromberg says “If Only” is the song that is most personal to him. “It’s very deep and talks about serious things that me and my family went through.” (Stromberg recently revealed to J-14 that the single is about a conversation he had with his dad about his parents’ split.)

Yesterday, Stromberg released the official music video for the song and it shows a deeper, more vulnerable side of the singer that we frankly haven’t seen before.

“I really wanted to make a statement,” he said. “I knew it had to be compelling. That’s where the heart and soul of this video comes from. I want people’s takeaway [to be] that life can change in the blink of an eye — so don’t take anything for granted.”

Éli Sokhn, who directed the video, immediately saw Stromberg’s vision when he heard the song. “I had an instantaneous connection to it. It’s one of those rare instances where a song immediately paints images in your head and inspires you,” Sokhn said.

“The most challenging part was visualizing abstract concepts, such as loss, death, life, love, and hope — all while still maintaining the depth and energy that the song possessed.”

We love the deeper message Stromberg achieves with this song — and wish more musicians tackled these kinds of issues. The singer summed up what seems like a life motto pretty succinctly, and we are totally on board:

Don’t let the stress of life, or not having money, blind you from the fact that you already have it all. Enjoy your loved ones and the time you have together.

Be sure to watch the official music video for “If Only” below:

Dahlia Neeman
Dahlia Neeman

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