Why Alexander Stewart Is The Artist To Watch In 2017

safe to say, he's killin' it

If you’re searching for an artist to watch out for in 2017…look no further. Singer Alexander has been making waves in the music world, and it all started when he started uploading covers on YouTube back in 2015. Since then he’s reached over 100,000 subscribers and 6 million views on YouTube, and his cover of “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes was featured on MTV’s Cover of the Month for December. Safe to say, he’s killin’ it. We chatted with Alexander to talk about his YouTube Channel, musical inspirations, and what he has planned in 2017 for us to look forward to.

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Why Alexander Stewart Is The Artist You Should Be Watching Out For In 2017


What inspired you to start recording covers and posting them on YouTube?

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I’ve had this burning passion to sing all my life, and last year I finally decided that I wanted to share it with the world! I posted my first cover, Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love”, in September 2015, and I’ve been posting covers regularly ever since!

You’re channel has seen some amazing growth over the past year. Can you believe how quickly your fan base has grown?

Honestly, no. When I first started I couldn’t wait to reach 100 subscribers, and it feels like that was just a week ago. We were at 10,000 subscribers early last summer, and since then we’ve added another 100,000. Things are going so quickly now and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that has happened.

Dream Collaboration?

My dream collaboration would definitely be with Shawn Mendes!


Favorite song at the moment?

Rockabye is stuck in my head all day! It’s such an amazing song!

What are your plans for 2017? What do you hope to accomplish over the next few years?

My plans for 2017 are to continue with the path I’m on, but also create more original music. I’ve actually been writing songs for a long time now, and I can’t wait to finally share them with the world!


You have incredibly supportive fans – what’s the best way for them to catch  your attention?

My fans have been so amazing to me. I seriously have the best supporters in the whole world and I love them so much. The best way for them to catch my attention would just be to tweet me! I try to read all my tweets, reply and follow people back as much as I can!

What’s your favorite cover you’ve ever posted?

This always seems to change, but right now my favorite cover is Rockabye. I just love the song so much. But others that I really like are Heathens, Gangsta, and Let Me Love You!


Be sure to check out Alexander’s official YouTube Channel. Trust me, you won’t regret it.