Why Don’t We Drops New Single, “These Girls”

(source: whydon’twemusic.com)

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It’s been a pretty great week for Why Don’t We.

Not only did the group kick off VMA Weekend by performing their hit “Something Different” — they just released the official music video for their new song, “These Girls.

“These Girls” — which is already #14 on the iTunes Top Songs chart — is super fun and perfect for brightening up your day and putting you in a good mood as summer winds down. The music video is full of feel-good vibes, and we’re loving the positive, carefree energy Why Don’t We is spreading. Not only are these guys crazy talented, they also don’t take themselves too seriously in front of the camera! Plus, there are some great names behind the scenes. The video was directed by Eli Sokhn (who directed the music videos for Rajiv Dhalls’ “Untitled“), and was co-directed by YouTuber Logan Paul.

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The best part about this single is that it’s a thank you from the guys to their fans for all of their overwhelming support. Awww!

Be sure to check out the music video below: