6 Reasons Why ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Will Be Amazing

Bring on the girl power

Ever since Wonder Woman made its way on over to theaters, we have been nothing short of obsessed with the incredible film. It brings about a whole lot of female empowerment and it was even the highest-grossing, live-action film directed by a woman, and reasonably so. We could seriously watch Wonder Woman over and over again, but the amazing news is that a Wonder Woman 2 is in the works! BRB, we’re totally freaking out with excitement.

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The outstanding news about a Wonder Woman sequel was revealed by Warner Bros. at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend and we can only imagine just how spectacular Wonder Woman 2 will be. Here are six reasons why Wonder Woman 2 will definitely be the greatest movie ever!

1. It will continue to have major girl power

A female superhero – now that’s what we’re talking about! One of the many things that we love about Wonder Woman is that it encourages girls that they too can be a superhero in their own way. Wonder Woman has definitely inspired a lot of ladies and has helped them believe in themselves and be confident. We know that Wonder Woman 2 will continue to have just as much girl power in it, if not even more!

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Happy birthday to our #WonderWoman, @gal_gadot! 💥

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2. It will star Gal Gadot again

Needless to say, Gal Gadot is our #WomanCrush everyday. She totally won over our hearts with her fierce and fabulous acting skills. She’s incredibly talented and she takes on the role of Wonder Woman in such an effortless and sensational way. We can’t wait to see her in Wonder Woman 2 – she will totally slay it!


3. Patty Jenkins

Not only does Wonder Woman bring out a lot of girl power because of the amazing heroine lead, but the director of the stupendous movie is a woman as well! Patty Jenkins left us all in awe with her directorial work in Wonder Woman, and although it hasn’t been confirmed yet if she will be on board to direct the sequel, we’re seriously crossing our fingers that she does!


4. The movie will reportedly take place in the 80’s

It has been reported that Wonder Woman 2 will be taking place in the 80’s. This is definitely a big time gap from the first Wonder Woman movie, and we’re looking forward to seeing how Wonder Woman will take on the 80’s.


5. There will be a lot of action

Just like the first Wonder Woman movie, there is definitely going to be a whole lot of action in this Wonder Woman sequel and we seriously can’t wait.

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6. More Wonder Woman cosplay

A second Wonder Woman movie equals one thing – more Wonder Woman cosplay! Who doesn’t love embracing their inner Wonder Woman and dressing up like the phenomenal superhero herself?! Wonder Woman is a perfect costume to wear on Halloween, at a fun cosplay convention, or anyplace in general!

On June 2nd, a warrior becomes a legend. ⚔️💥 #WonderWoman #WonderWednesdays

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