Winnie Harlow Talks Pizza, Unicorns, and Doing Good Deeds

Inspiring and slaying at the same time

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you already know Winnie Harlow is everywhere lately. On the off-chance you aren’t one of her two million Insta-followers, let us break it down for you – she got her start on Cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model, and since then she’s been an unstoppable force in the modeling world, walking runways for major labels like Coach and Marc Jacobs. We caught up with Harlow at the Los Angeles launch of ME to WE‘s new semiprecious jewelry line, to find out what makes her tick, who inspires her, and of course whether she prefers rainbows or unicorns (it’s unicorns, FYI). Read on to get to know her a little bit better, and to find out how you can give back, even if you aren’t a millionaire or superstar.

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Winnie Harlow Me To We Los Angeles Launch at Bloomingdales

Winnie Harlow, courtesy of Me To We

Born in Toronto, Canada, Harlow credits both her mom and grandmother as being major influences in her life. When times get tough, Harlow said “talking to [her] mom” is what gets her though. “I [always] looked up to my mom . . . [she] always tells me that I should pray and that I don’t pray enough,” Harlow said with a little laugh, smiling over at mom Lisa Brown (who accompanied Harlow to the event and is so cute, btw).

Winnie Harlow Lisa Brown Me To We Los Angeles Launch Event

Winnie Harlow with her Mom Lisa Brown at the Los Angeles launch of her collaboration with Me To We. Photo courtesy of Me to We.

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Looks like Winnie has given her Mom a lot to be proud of. After a trip to Kenya last year with ME to WE, Harlow said she was inspired and wanted to continue working with the charity, which is what attracted her to their new jewelry line. Not only are the pieces gorg, they are all handcrafted by women in Kenya who earn money for every piece sold, providing them with opportunities that they otherwise would not have. Wait, what? So we can shop and contribute to the betterment of our global community at the same time? Sign us up, please. “I think it’s important for everyone, not just people in the spotlight . . . [to] make a difference,” said Harlow. So do what you can and “shop,” Harlow laughed. Side note – her favorite piece is the rose quartz necklace because her “favorite color is pink!” Girl, same -we feel you.

WInnie Harlow Me to We Semiprecious Line

Winnie Harlow wears the ME to WE semiprecious line. Photo courtesy of ME to WE.

So, what does Harlow love besides doing her part to make the world a better place?  Underneath her strong fearless exterior, she’s a regular girl.  If you caught our Instastory, you know she prefers pizza over french fries, pink lipstick (as opposed to red or nude), and when we asked the hardest question ever, she decisively chose unicorns over rainbows. What you might not know, is that she also prefers L.A. over New York (maybe she’s had enough of those long Canadian winters?) and, according to her mom, has been known to “get jiggy with it.” Get it girl.

When we asked Harlow what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a model, she took a long pause before affirmatively nodding her head and saying “a journalist”  (we would fully read anything you wrote, Winnie). But despite her beauty, brains, and philanthropic nature, at the end of the day Harlow just wants to be “healthy,” which is the way she defines beauty, and to be remembered as being a “loving” person. Talk about a dream BFF. Here’s to hoping we get to see much more of Ms. Harlow as she continues to blaze her path.