You Have To Check Out Hudson Henry’s Music Video For His Song “Feathers”

It's very artistic

Ever since the incredibly talented Hudson Henry released his fantastic single titled, “Feathers,” we’ve totally been hooked on it. We always have this song playing on constant repeat, so when Hudson Henry announced that he would be releasing the official music video for “Feathers,” we all couldn’t wait to see just how phenomenal the music video will turn out to be.

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The music video is super colorful with some neon-colored feathers floating about. Talk about some terrific #aesthetics. The “Feathers” music video, which was directed by Dani Abraham, also has some magnificent dancing / choreography in it, so basically this music video has everything that we love. From Hudson Henry’s outstanding vocals that accompanies the artistic and creative visuals, it’s clear to see that the music video is pure perfection!


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Be sure to check out Hudson Henry’s “Feathers” music video below. It’s okay, we totally broke the replay button while watching it too!


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